About Sendai & Miyagi

Miyagi prefecture, located about 186 miles (300 km) northeast of Tokyo, offers the most spectacular and diverse sceneries ranging from mountains to rivers, a plain to ocean.

Sendai, the prefectural capital, has a population of one million and is the political and economic center of Japan’s Tohoku (northeast) Region.


Sendai Miyagi

Shinkansen (Bullet train)

[Tokyo – Sendai] ・・・・1hr30min


[Kawaguchi.Jct – SendaiMiyagi.IC] ・・・・332.4km

[Yamagata.IC – SendaiMiyagi.IC] ・・・・53.5km


[Narita – Sendai](ANA) ・・・・1hr

[Osaka(Itami) – Sendai] (ANA / JEX / IBEX)・・・・1hr10min

[Sendai Airport Station-JR Sendai Station] (Sendai Airport Line)・・・・17minutes fastest by train

Access in Miyagi Prefecture

【Sendai – Matsushima】 Route45 : 30min

【Sendai – Furukawa】 Highway (SendaiMiyagi.IC – Furukawa.IC): 30min

【Sendai – Ishinomaki】 Highway (Sendaihigashi.IC – Ishinomakikanan.IC):40min

【Sendai – Kesennuma】Highway(SendaiMiyagi.IC – Ichinoseki.IC) +Route284:2h20min

【Sendai – Shiroishi】 Highway(SendaiMiyagi.IC – Shiroishi.IC):25min


Access Guide

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